The Zoo!

This monkey was just checking us out.

We actually went to the zoo a few weeks ago, but I haven’t yet posted about it. We had a fun time, Avery really liked the animals (Darren too, he’s an animal nerd. guaranteed he will read this post and complain that I called this animal above a “monkey”, and not say what kind of “monkey”). It was super hot that day! We were happy to leave a little early.

Tina and Avery on the elephant.

Looks pretty close to me! Maybe too close? Darren said, “I have him on height, but he has me on reach”. Are they going to play basketball together?

Madison and Avery.


Monet to Picasso

This week we went to see the visiting exhibit “Monet to Picasso”. It was absolutely incredible to see so many original works of art from true masters. When I was young my mother made sure that we had lots of exposure to the fine arts. We visited many museums, went to the opera, the symphony and more. One year we visited the John Paul Getty museum in California. It was the first time that I remember seeing a collection of impressionism. I remember thinking at the time, “why does anyone make prints of this? A print can never show this for the true art that is is”. Seeing this collection brought back those same thoughts.

This picture by Van Gogh is Darren’s favorite picture from the collection.

This is Madison’s favorite.

This piece by Van Gogh is mine. Believe me, you really have to see this piece in person to appreciate it. You want to reach out and run your fingers in the lines of the paint.

There was also some amazing sculpture there. You could really feel the emotion of this piece by Rodin and you forget it is stone.

For me the most surprising work was this painting by Salvador Dali. I have never really cared for his work and felt his was a bit of a fake. After seeing this piece I have new appreciation for him. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

If you live in Utah I would highly recommend seeing this exhibit before it leaves in September.

STP Concert

I got into a bit of trouble for turning the “family” blog into a Scott Weiland fan site. So I fear to write too much about the concert. One must preserve one’s marriage. But it was AWESOME! we had 7th row center tickets. They played mostly older stuff, which is good since I don’t really like the newer songs. I always enjoy his style. and I really liked the hat.

A few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Fathers Day video

Happy Fathers Day!

We just wanted to wish Grandpa Ottley a happy fathers day! We  really miss you guys a lot. We are finalizing out travel plans and will contact you soon about coming out to visit. We hope everything is going well for you.

Love the Ottleys

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