No More Monkies Jumping on the bed

Saturday night Darren and I volunteered at the Rierie-Wood Dance Company benefit. We dropped Avery off at my mom’s house for the night. Apparently while in church with my mom she sang along with the opening song in a loud voice “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”.

Here is a picture of Darren , at the benefit. I took it with my cell phone. Not very good. I will try for a better one.



I am such a good mom!

Darren wasn’t feeling very good tonight and was sleeping during dinner time. So I made one of my favorites–ice cream. Avery insisted on using the ice cream scoop instead of a spoon. I figured she would try to use it, it would be too difficult and she would ask for a spoon. Nope. She ate the entire bowl with the ice cream Scoop.


Avery and Arty taking a nap together.


Here is a picture of me…look for one of Darren, when he gets better.


The weekend

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. My charming dog, chewed the power cord to my laptop. So I am using Darren’s laptop. The thing is a beast! It is huge and it doesn’t have my passwords or the software on it that I like. But I am getting used to it, until my new power cord arrives. I guess I should be glad that my husband is a computer nerd and we have 3 top notch computers (and who knows what else) so when mine dies, I still have several options.

I feel so popular, my blog had 13 views today! Too bad it wasn’t updated at the time.

I am the worst at taking pictures! My nephews were here for the weekend, we had a great time. We spent most of the evenings playing Rockband! Do I have any pictures? No. Side Note…..Rockband is SOOOO fun!!! We had a blast playing it. It is worth the money. Darren took the boys skiing, do we have any pictures? No. I had lunch with some friends that I have not seen in over a year. Do I have any pictures? Yes….did I take the pictures? uh….no. Thank you Jerry for taking the picture!

So in January Darren and I joined the gym. I also bought the new cool Ipod Nano and have been trying to work out more. In reading Charie’s blog (for all of you California Missionaries out there) I realized how spoiled I am! I have one child and I take her to the child care at the gym when I go. She loves it there because they have tons of stuff….a slide and stuff to climb on, computers, books, dolls, television, anything you want. Also, she gets to play with other kids, not something she gets to do very often. I think the gym and nursery on Sunday are about it (unless my sister is visiting). I don’t have to worry about getting the baby down for a nap, and getting another one interested in something so I can have some time. And I also have a treadmill at home, if I don’t feel like going to the gym. AND YET SHE CAN STILL RUN MORE THAN ME! I hate that! I can barely run 2 miles, and then I am ready to start walking, since I can’t breathe, and my side is aching, and my face is beet red! Why is running so hard? The eliptical machine is so much easier! I can go for 4 miles on the eliptical. Why can’t it be easy to stay in shape?

Let me vent about earbuds! I hate them. I don’t know if my ears are small, or weird shaped or what…but they do not stay in my ears. I spent half my workout tonight fixing the stupid things. Tomorrow I am going to buy some skull candy earbuds. Apparently they come in different sizes. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I am in search of some good tunes to run to…so if you have any great ideas, let me know. Some of my favorites are: Michael Jackson, smooth criminal and thriller; Iron Man I think it is Ozzy, but it could be when he was part of black sabbath? and crazy train. Don’t forget “The King of Rock and Roll”, Elvis! johnny be good, and several others. Scissor Sisters are my favorite…they really keep me going. Almost anything by them will do. If you don’t mind a little nastiness, Christina Aguilera, Dirty. Rox (Charie’s sister) has some listed on her blog, that I am going to download and try out. I will let you know if I run into some other goodies!

Here are some pictures of Avery, after a bath last night. She wanted me to take a picture of her babies…I included that for you also. This is 3 of many, many babies. She loves to look at the pictures on everyone’s blog. When Charie had the video of her baby cooing…Avery LOVED it. Now she tells me, “turn it on”. I have to keep explaining that not all pictures turn on, some are just pictures.

p.s. The Valentines Day balloon is still alive, and living on my ceiling. Death is not on the horizon.


Valentines Day Balloon

balloon1.jpgOn Valentines Day Avery and I were at the store and she wanted a balloon. So I told her she could have one. She picked out this Dora balloon, that is as big as she is. It was too big for her to even play with. She won’t let me throw the silly thing away. It is now March, and the balloon will not DIE!! Here it is floating on the ceiling. We definitely got our five dollars worth out of this balloon.

I wanted to get a picture of how big the balloon is compared to Avery. Check out the charming look on Avery’s face. What an angel. averyballoon.jpg