Celebration of bad choices and procrastination?

Friday was Darren’s graduation from school. He actually graduated last year, slightly after the deadline and was not able to go through the actual ceremony until this year. He wasn’t going to do it, but I told him he should. He said it feels like a celebration of bad choices and procrastination! I told him it was a celebration of determination!

Now he is ready to go back for a master’s degree. So he can wear “cool robes, and look like a pope”.

Darren, his mom and his sister, Ashley.

We are all proud of him!


Chinese Zodiac

Today Avery and I had lunch at a chinese restaurant. This is our families chinese zodiac.

Avery-The Horse

Popular and attractive to the opposite sex. You are often ostentatious and impatient. you need people.

Tina-The Dragon

You are eccentric and your life complex. You have a very passionate nature and abundant health. Marry a monkey or a rat late in life. Avoid the dog.

And as you may have guessed…..

Darren-The Dog

Loyal and honest you work well with others. Generous yet stubborn and often selfish. Look to the horse or tiger. Watch our for dragons.

Strange marriage between a dragon and a dog.

Happy Birthday Jen!

Jen is the poor girl, who has somehow been tricked into dating my brother Troy.

Here is the handsome couple.

Jen with her dog Askie.

Jen with Troy’s dogs Aleusha and Mieka.

Both Troy and Jen share custody of their dogs, with their exes.

They must be meant for each other. Happy Birthday Jen.

We have hopes of growing up someday

Last weekend we left Avery with grandma and Darren and I went to see Berlin in concert, at a little club in Park City. If you are my age, then you may not know this band. Since meeting Darren I have been to more concerts from 80’s band than most people that grew up on that era. We had a super fun time. These pictures are from my camera phone, so they aren’t the best. Also, I have no idea how to work my camera phone, so I couldn’t zoom or anything! I better learn before the next event.

We were lucky enough to be in the front. I’m sure the people around us loved that…since Darren is 6’3″.

She is totally gorgeous. She is probably at least 10 years older than most the people at the concert and looked amazing. She was wearing glittery eye shadow. How can she do that? I think if you are over 13 you are too old to wear glitter and not look like a freak.

Wardrobe change. She is on the speakers here. And she can sing like that?

I spy with my little eye…look by the microphone and you can see Darren on stage dancing!

Audio Nerd. Darren has the play list that was taped on the floor for the band.

This is why I need to be famous…so I can wear shoes like this.  I really don’t have anywhere to wear black leather sling back boots.  But I would wear them if I could.

Why we have no family pictures

Okay, here we are, everyone looking nice. Avery refused to look at the camera!!

So, We decided to take one without her.

and that is why we have no pictures of the family. Dang kids, even the dog will kind of look at the camera!

and of course the other reason that we have no pictures of the family…because I am too fat. I was really bad about going to the gym last week. So I decided to have a gym revival week. So far it is going good. Except that last night we had spaghetti for dinner. It sounded easy to make and I had everything I needed, so I didn’t have to go to the store. Not a good idea. Here is a little tip for you, don’t eat pasta and then go to the gym. Not the most productive night. I usually do the eliptical for 30 minutes and then run for 30 minutes. Instead I did the eliptical for 30 minutes and walked for 30 minutes. I did put the treadmill at an incline, so I didn’t feel quite so lazy.

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