Sunday Dress


We decided to drop Avery off at Grandma’s house and go see a movie. Something we used to do all the time before she was born. While she was at Grandmas, grandma gave her a bath and put her hair in curlers. Since we didn’t leave any pajamas, Grandma was forced to improvise, and put her in a t-shirt. Avery was very thrilled with her “dress”. The next morning when I was getting her ready for church she wanted to wear her new “dress” to church.


It’s sad but true…

As I was putting the page “about our family” together, I came across a sad fact. We have no family pictures. The last picture we have was when Avery was blessed and before that our wedding. We are averaging a picture every three years. The good news is that Avery will be three in July, so it looks like we are due for a family picture in about 5 months. So look for that


We have finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon

At first I thought, “who in the world would want to read a blog about us?”, actually, I still think that, but as I have been reading a variety of blogs from friends that live far away I thought I should join in. So if you are at all interested in our family stop by from time to time.